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cityscapes - ACRYLIC on canvas

each painting is created by layering buildings, windows, streets, trees, & emotions together with color, form, & line.

i use bold colors & stark outlines to turn the everyday into the whimsical.

nearly all buildings & landmarks that i paint in the artwork are based on buildings that exist in real life. 
for me, spending the extended time to layer in new aspects on the old is a means of meditating & of putting my thoughts somewhere outside of my head & to give them a shape. it is also a way of showing others how i see my surroundings. in focusing on the beauty, even in the mundane, i seek to inspire others to seek out & create beauty, too. 

-click the images to see them up close.

-nearly all are available for purchase on etsy (click the etsy icon below or the 'BUY SOME ART' tab above).

-email to request a commission of your favorite city.

each chicago cityscape scene is inspired by real scenes from the windy city -
the colors are thoughtfully selected to embed emotion & meaning within/on/&for the material city structures. 

i just moved to chicago so stay tuned for more in this series as i wander & meander my way through different neighborhoods & get swept up in my surroundings.

-original paintings & prints available for purchase on etsy (click the etsy symbol below or 'BUY SOME ART' above).

-email commission requests for a specific city scene.
-click the images to see them close up.

chicago series - WATERCOLOR & INK

abstracts - mixed media

i create abstracts based on emotional experiences i have & patterns found in nature (namely the petoskey stone, found in the northern shores of lake michigan). they are the physical embodiment of emotion, of meditation, of taking some time & space to 'let it be it' - allowing creation by letting go. 

-originals & prints available for purchase through etsy (click the etsy symbol below, or 'BUY SOME ART' above).

-prices & sizes vary.
*free delivery with a smile in chicago.

affirm & inspire - positive affirmation cards

affirmation cards are the physical embodiment and reminder of a thought of positivity and intention!
what better creative project than one that puts ideas based in positivity, empowerment, self-love, & strength into colorful & whimsical physical reminders of their meanings? these physical cards serve as an inspiration to be your best self - to be peaceful amidst chaos, strong even when you feel weak, resilient & patient, unique & self-accepting, & compassionate with yourself & others. 

as a collection, this artwork is colorful & whimsical; artsy & approachable; comprehensive & simple
for me as the artist, making & using these cards has been a means of learning, coping, re-learning, developing, growing, changing, exploring, & challenging myself. this project is the second of its kind for me - both providing me with purpose in difficult times, both providing a means to develop my mind-, body-, spirit-, & heart- connection, both offering themselves to others who find themselves surrounded by uncertainty, consumed by self-doubt, seeking a self-love tool, &/or seeking a new level of self-awareness & strength. 

-decks are available for purchase on etsy. 

-price is 20$ + ship*.
free delivery with a smile in chicago.

embroidered wall-hangings - fiber art

i use colored thread, beads, & random scraps of fabric to create wall-hangings to turn a plain part of your house into a quirky, endearing, & whimsical part of your home. the act of embroidering & sewing is so rhythmic - the movement gets embedded in the pieces & lends itself to unique pieces for stagnant walls.

-all embroidery pieces are available for sale. click the 'Etsy' icon below, or click 'BUY SOME ART' tab above. 
-click the images to see them close up.

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