i believe in the power of uniting diverse people by emphasizing the collective & universal. i believe that all communities can be inclusive, equitable, & sustainable. i believe that we need safe spaces for collaboration & clean, beautiful walls that make viewers think in positive, unifying, & appreciative ways.


& so, i paint the public space, i organize bread-making events, & i take part in art events as a community builder.

public space - a canvas for ideas


our public & shared spaces are areas where ideas hold immense weight. i recognize this reality & try to use my art in the public sphere to foster social inclusion, awareness, & impact. i try to capture the whimsical beauty of the everyday & notions of our shared humanity in my public artwork. whether it is repainting community pingpong tables with colorful designs, designing & creating socially-inclusive & social impact murals, painting over hate-speech on public walls, or bringing beauty to electric boxes, i passionately take on public art projects with an unbridled eagerness. 

if you'd like me to paint a wall in your business or neighborhood, don't hesitate to reach out - i will gladly help you clean up & beautify your surroundings however i can. 

community bread-making


i organize & lead community bread-making events in order to foster community cohesion, social inclusion, and local-level problem solving. i partner with community leaders & space-owners to provide a safe space & structure for diverse individuals to come together to collaboratively create, communicate their perspectives, & bridge their differences by coming together based on something universal (bread!). 

interested in partnering to hold a bread-making event? awesome! email me & let's chat.
want to learn more about bread-making as a tool for social change? super! check out the place that has piloted, developed, & shared its methods with individuals around the world: breadhousesnetwork.org 

art festivals & workshops

bringing art out of its organic spaces & into the wider world motivates me in a way that not many other things do. as such, i have volunteered my time & talents to a handful of art festivals over the years. i have experience assisting art festival organizers in designing materials for events (posters, props, backgrounds, etc.), preparing physical spaces for events, & taking part in city-wide art festivals as an art workshop leader, a plein air painter, & a street artist. 


i love to help others recognize & develop their creativity. i have experience leading workshops in schools, universities, community centers, & festivals for international children, adolescents, & adults. i plan the workshops in such a way that provides structure and creative freedom so that all participants with all levels of confidence & experience with creating art can take part comfortably & calmly. 

need help organizing something artsy? want me to lead an art event? cool! email me & let's make it happen!

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